Our philosophy

Barry Beckett Children’s Centre Philosophy 2020/2021

We believe in creating a Centre that is welcoming and responsive to children and families;  one that motivates and maintains curious, reflective educators.  We see children as citizens now and in the future who teach us as much as we teach them.   

We engage in a collaborative approach to our curriculum, with children, families, and educators joining to create a rich and diverse learning experiences. We utilise the latest research and evidence to inform our practice, so that children at BBCC have access to exceptional education and care opportunities.  

We are responsive and provide time and space to engage in the “everyday” with children, joining with them in their play to facilitate their learning and grow in their thinking.

We encourage an environment that is inclusive and respectful; one that fosters kindness and is considerate of all living flora and fauna. We support children’s sense of agency and ownership of their developing sense of relationship with others and the natural world.  


We have three areas of focus for 2020/21:

1. Truth

We will work on continuing to build trust between children, families, educators and the community by being professional and honest; acknowledging and learning about our history and First Nation people’s experience; being open and providing feedback to each other; engaging with children truthfully; acknowledging our skills and learning from one another; ensuring our programs are true to the current research evidence; ensuring we are a safe place to work; and by connecting with people in our community. We will be authentic in our practice and be willing to engage with complexity.


With the children we will take every opportunity to be in nature and enjoy the incredible world that we have. We will consider our ‘footprint’ and its impact on nature, and we will act ethically in everything we do. We will learn more about, and in, nature at BBCC and in the local community; we will embed sustainable practices with children and each other; we will build our understanding about the resources we use (and not deplete them); and we will look at the connections and dependencies between the manifold elements of nature and seek ways in which we can help to keep nature in balance.


We will aim for everyone to have a voice at BBCC and to be open and transparent in our work. We will provide opportunities and involve children and families in our curriculum & programs; BBCC will be inclusive of all; we will ensure all educators have opportunities for training and development; we will ensure equitable resourcing and sharing for all ages across all our rooms; and we will acknowledge our strengths and build our team, using our collective power to work together.