Family and community

BBCC values families as vital collaborators. Our Committee of Management is run by parent volunteers; we highly value and honour our families’ knowledge and expertise; and we share in decision-making about their child’s learning and wellbeing.

Barry Beckett Children’s Centre is governed by a parent-run, volunteer Committee of Management which works closely alongside our Operational and Educational leaders who facilitate the effective day-to-day running of the centre. 

Our centre governance is underpinned by collaboration between parent committee members and organisational leaders and we pride ourselves on this as a unique and important aspect of the way in which we do things. Being a parent-led committee within a not-for-profit organisation, we are able to retain and operate from a core values base which holds strong investment in the quality of educational programs and care offered to our children, and to the support of a thriving and committed workforce. We prioritise the needs of staff, children and families ahead of profits and reinvest earnings to support the ongoing development, support and sustainability of the centre, its staff and its programs.

The Barry Beckett Committee of Management

The Committee of management is responsible for making decisions about:

  • Finances, use of financial resources and ensuring ongoing financial security of the centre;
  • Service delivery, in collaboration with educational and operational leads;
  • Policy, and
  • The Strategic Direction of the organisation

The Committee of Management meets monthly, and holds the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April each year. We encourage all parents and carers to come along to our AGM, and consider joining the Committee. If you’d like information on how to join, or copies of our association rules, executive duties, annual report or meeting minutes, please contact us.

Our BBCC Team Values:


Respecting each other and appreciating
our unique contributions.


Being reflective and engaging in robust professional discussion. 


Being creative and empowering others
to share their knowledge and expertise.


Acting professionally to advocate for
children and early childhood education.


Listen and support each other to build understanding.


Work collaboratively with each other to
build a positive team culture.  


Maintaining a positive and enthusiastic
attitude to our work.


Communicating with honesty and openness.


Being innovative in our practice of
childhood education.

Creating an optimistic vision for the future.